By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Everyone knows that mistakes take place in family relationships. The result may cause anger, resentment, hurt, rejection, etc. The smart thing to do is to correct the error as soon as possible.    

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Correct Mistakes Made To Family Members:
1.  Making mistakes and failing to correct them often causes hurts to fester. If the failure remains and is not resolved, those who have been mistreated can increase their blame. The smart choice requires a willingness to stand tall and take responsibility. Admit your mistake and ask for forgiveness.
2.  Making mistakes, and dragging your feet in slow motion to correct them, does no good. Some people want the dust to settle before getting around to restoring a wounded relationship. Delay only deepens the wounds, so make amends quickly. The best approach is, the sooner the better.
3.  Making mistakes and promptly trying to make things right represents the right move. When you mess up, man up. Yes, you failed but so what? Every person on earth does the same. However in the instant you make a mistake, you should immediately seek to correct it. So humble yourself. Bite the bullet, and seek to restore the relationship.
Here is some advice that might help: When you have done all that you can to in righting a wrong, that’s all you can do. If the hurt loved one won’t accept your efforts, you can’t force them to. Continue to love them and serve them, but don’t fret if they reject your efforts.      

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