When You Blow It In Family, Fix It Fast. 
By Dr. James A. Perkins
Everybody makes mistakes, and many of them take place in family relationships. Our blunders may be small like a boo-boo or awful major catastrophes. The inevitable fact remains:  We all blow it, and family members may suffer for it.
When mistakes come in family life, fix it fast. Here are some insights to try to restore what seems to be broken:
1.  Address the fault as quick as possible. Don’t delay, because waiting might make matters worse.
2.  Man up, when errors occur. Don’t blame, complain, or explain. Take full responsibility for what you have done, and don’t implicate others.
3.  Take the position of sincere humility in the way you talk and respond. If you want to try and fix the mistake, others in the home must know that you mean it.
4.  Go the extra-mile in repairing the damages. Let others sense that you will bend over backwards to solve the problem.
5.  Realize how much others need to see Jesus in you. Whatever your faith position may currently be, you can admit that Christ lived an extraordinary life. He responded to others in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. By trusting Him, His qualities can be yours. When others observe the spirit of Jesus responding through you, they might soften their hearts toward you.
6.  When you do all you can do to fix the family mistakes, relax. If loved ones don’t act pleased, leave the rest to them.
7.  Remember this:  Yes you blew it, for you are a human being. No you can’t ultimately cause others to forgive you. But you can accept the forgiveness of Christ and share His mercy with your family.  Now go about life guilt-free and be happy.
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