By Dr. James A. Perkins
Perhaps you are asking how does what happens in my family impact the nation?
You might react and say, “We’re only one family, and thousands and thousands of households exist in our country. How could anyone think that my single family has any influence upon a whole nation?”
The answer may surprise you. The way people live overall in the home either serves to produce a positive or a negative result. If the relationships in your household generally land on the plus side, you add more good value to society. However if family life in your home generally falls more in the negative category, then you do more harm than good.
Whatever the state of your home, you and your loved ones eventually extend your influence beyond your own household. What happens inside your family begins to seep out, and ultimately birds of a feature flock together. In other words, the blending of similar like-minded homes becomes a powerful force that may lift up or pull down culture. In time the entire nation is defined by the majority opinion, either for good or bad.
Whatever the state of your family life, you personally can be a positive asset if you desire. For the sake of your loved ones and your nation, don’t opt for the negative.  Determine to stand for moral and spiritual values, regardless of whether others join you or not.
Why not be a part of a counter-cultural revolution that seeks to restore marriages and family life? You do your part, and hopefully over time, righteousness will exalt our nation.
Begin in your own family, right now!
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