By Dr.James A. Perkins

Bad things happen to good people. You know that it’s impossible to live on this earth without going through times of pain and suffering. Here are 4 Good Decisions to Make for Families facing Tests, Trials, & Troubles.

1. When families face tests, trials, and troubles, focus on getting your composure. Don’t fret. Be at peace. Gospel singer, Andre Crouch, sang, “When trouble is in my way, I can’t tell my night from day. That I’m tossed from side to side, like a ship out on a ragin’ tide.” When tough times come, the wise family determines they will declare, “This too shall pass.”

2. When families face tests, trials, and troubles, decide to daily maintain a good attitude. Yes, it is common to struggle and grieve, but sooner than later you owe it to yourself to come out of it. Remember Job lost everything, even his family, and fell into despair. Yet in the pain, the man determined to claim that eventually things would work out for the best, and they did. Chose for your family to make attitude adjustments that shift from being negative to be positive.

3. When families face tests, trials, and troubles, conquer worry.” Again, heed the words of Andre Crouch who said, “Troubles come from time to time, but that’s alright I’m not the worrying’ kind.” Is that you? Are you able to say, “I’m not the worrying kind?” You do know, don’t you, that though your situation may feel as dark as night, sooner or later the sun will shine in the light of day. Make a good decision by heeding what American author Lee Buscaglia wrote, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” May everyone in your family refuse to allow anything to sap you of your joy.

4. When families face tests, trials, and troubles, trust Jesus. God tells us in Psalm 23:4 “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with Me.” If you really know that God is with you, whatever comes your way, you can overcome victoriously in Jesus. Pay attention to Andre Crouch’s statement, when he turned to God: “No matter what the case may be, I know He’s gonna’ fix it for me.” Can you say that? Will you say that?