By:  Dr. James A. Perkins 
Finding fault in family members exists as a harmful activity that weakens home life. To constantly judge others and bring negativity into the household pollutes the environment.
The following realities represent some reasons family members find fault with each other:  jealousy, envy, ego, anger, fear, insecurity, inferiority, superiority, rejection, and pride. Each of these responses signify pessimistic issues that result in no good and cause resentful bitterness to emerge.
To dilute fault finding, don’t wait for others but begin with you. In a family of five if only one of its members no longer finds fault, then the problem reduces by a fifth. If you volunteer to stop, that choice brings significant relief in your family relationships.
Consider these 4 suggestions to keep you from finding fault:
1.  Major on improving your own life as priority. Determine to take control of your mind and tongue by controlling your tendencies to hurt. As a reminder write, “I will not find faults” on your hand and continuously look at it.
2.  Aim to stop being focused on the errors of others. Look at your own faults and try to improve yourself.
3.  Don’t count on having sufficient strength to stop fault finding. Only Jesus can perfectly love through you. Decide to surrender yourself to Him. Ask for Christ to teach you how to refuse to focus on the faults of others.
4.  Pray for the Lord to sweeten your heart and soften your tongue. As Jesus changes you, serve and love your family members – faults and all.
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