By Dr. James Perkins 
Numbers of people struggle to accept themselves. They don’t like the way they look, dress, smile, walk, talk, etc. Failure to accept yourself leads to personal rejection. Those who reject themselves are toxic and the family suffers. 
Rather than reject yourself, should learn to accept who you are. Family members benefit, when we do. Let’s learn HOW ACCEPTING YOURSELF HELPS FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS:
1.  Accepting yourself means you embrace the special features that make you unique. Since no one on earth is just like you, then your life is special. Believe this as true, and make a list of the positive qualities you find about yourself.
2.  Accepting yourself means discovering how to have a good self-image. Rather than doing the “put down” you should focus on the “lift up.” Every person is a work in progress, and some people sabotage their own lives by being negative about themselves. Stop the destructive talk. Look in the mirror and be grateful for who you are. Be good to yourself by appreciating the image you reflect. Smile at yourself and rejoice.
3.  Accepting yourself means you need to consult the Expert, Jesus Christ. You are made by God and for God. He doesn’t see the negative features you claim, nor does He ever devalue you. God gazes upon your features and finds you to be lovely in His eyes.
4.  Accepting yourself means embracing your identity. Since God made you, your identity comes as a gift from Him. When you grasp that your identity is found in the Lord, then you grow in learning how wonderfully He loves you..      
Those who embrace the above ideas as true, change from the inside out. As the real and happy you lives in positive self-acceptance, good self-image, and finds identity in Christ, the family notices. The more you love God and love the self you are in Him, the more your encouraging influence impacts family relationships. 
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