By Dr. James Perkins

This week millions of people around the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Believers love Him and rejoice that Christ lives both now and forever. 

Yet the sad fact is, some who say they love Jesus may fail to live in a Christlike way in the home. If you are one who wants to watch Christ use you to improve life in your household, then consider these 3 Ways to Resurrect Family Life This Easter.

1.   To resurrect family life this Easter, trust Jesus to allow His resurrection life to be more fully manifested through you. What your family needs is to see more of Christ’s love daily evident in everything you do. When they observe you reflecting Him in normal life, they may become increasingly aware of the resurrected Jesus alive in you. So pray that His resurrection life defines your life in family.

2.  To resurrect family life this Easter, trust Jesus to draw family members closer to Him in His time and not your own. Often our eagerness to help family backfires, because others may feel like they are being pushed by our drive. When loved ones sense this, they can be turned off by it. So the best approach is, love your family unconditionally and trust Jesus to change them, when He is ready.  

3.  To resurrect family life this Easter, trust Jesus and pray for your family. Don’t ever underestimate what God can do when we pray. If you believe that Jesus is resurrected to life, then rely on Him to reach your loved ones by the power of your prayers. 

This Easter, determine this will be one you never forget. Trust Jesus to transform your family life.

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