Americans enjoy celebrating July 4thwith fireworks, vacations, baseball games, the beach, family and friends etc. Just think what it would it be like if everyone treated everyday with the spirit of July 4th! Many of us can get caught up about things that rob us of such a spirit. Here are 3 reasons why we ought to  make each day like the 4thof July.


  1. Every day we should delight in America’s freedom and liberty. 

    From the signing of the Declaration of Independence until now and beyond, we enjoy the greatest country in the world. Heed this awesome good news shared by our first president, saying, “Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”                                                                                            – George Washington

  2. Every day there are multitudes of Americans who don’t appreciate many things about this great nation. 

    Sadly, multitudes of USA citizens find more negative reasons to be unhappy with America. Though America provides us liberty, we don’t have to like it. The greatness of this nation is you can be against it if you so desire. America allows that freedom. “Being an American is about having the right to be who you are. Sometimes that doesn’t happen.”                                                                                                                           Herb Ritts

  3. Every day, every American should look at their coins and dollars, pondering and appreciating the words, “In God We Trust.” 

    Some Americans are atheists and agnostics, and our nation allows that freedom. However, those who study our founding fathers history will realize that God dominated the mindset of the vast majority of those who came to live in this country. We should more than ever value the words we commonly recognize, “In God We Trust.”

 May each of us pause this 4thof July and answer do we truly believe the mighty words, “In God We Trust.”

Enjoy this 4thof July in Jesus name.  And also why not decide to make every day like the 4thof July.