By Dr. James A. Perkins

Because family plays such a significant role in our lives, we should be mindful of its importance throughout the year. Why not make a family New Year’s resolution using the following three ideas:
I.  In 2015, I Resolve To Love My Family Unconditionally.  Make the decision that throughout this year, love defines your relationship with each family member. Don’t just say you love them, because they do this or that for you. Don’t just say you love them IF they do this or that for you. No, love them with unconditional love. Give every loved one the kind of love that keeps on loving in spite of anything and everything they may do. By doing this, you can love each family member unconditionally.
2.  In 2015, I Resolve To Forgive My Family Continuously. Be sure that your love for family members will be tested daily. Sometimes this will be in small ways and sometimes in great ones. It is a fact that the ones you love the most can also hurt you the most. But remember in all the trying times that might come, true love always forgives. You see, you can’t really love another unless you sincerely forgive another.
Now understand that loving unconditionally and forgiving continuously isn’t possible to achieve in your own strength. Only One has ever lived that loves and forgives perfectly, and this is Jesus. However, the good news is that we may allow Jesus Christ to love and forgive through us by faith in Him. When we trust Jesus, His love and forgiveness can be demonstrated in us anytime, anywhere, in any circumstance no matter how challenging.
Therefore let us include the final commitment that will make the next 52 weeks the best days of your life:
3.  In 2015, I Resolve To Let Jesus Love And Forgive Through Me By Faith.
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