By Dr. James A. Perkins

Most of us would agree that it’s normal to be so accustomed to family that we take one another for granted. We drift by making assumptions about loved ones, and this often leads to neglecting or ignoring them. Though the majority of us would claim family is valuable to us, how may we increase its value? Here are 5 Ideas about how to Add Value to Your Family.

V. – View Your Family as a Great Treasure. Instead of simply thinking that those in your home know this, we need to show and tell them. Swiss architect, Le Corbusier said, “The home should be the treasure chest of living.” So, do your loved ones know you really believe this?

A. – Admit A Better You Makes a Better Family. Some of us might claim our home has family problems then we blame others. However, realize a better you grows a better family. Now quit trying to get another to be better, talk better, and love better. Don’t fix them, but grow yourself to become a better you. By doing this, your influence encourages a healthier family life.

L. – Listen. Learn. Lead. Every one in your home desires you to listen to them. Every one in your home yearns for you to learn from them. By really listening and learning you grow yourself as a leader, and the household senses your change that may move them to change as well.

U. – Unleash the Power of Unity and Union. If you seek to add value to your family, then live your life in unity with God. By doing this, your relationship in the home has the capacity to enjoy more union between family members.

E. – Eliminate Self-Centeredness and Elevate Your Love for family. Be aware that self-centeredness is natural, while God’s love is supernatural. By surrendering your selfish ego and trusting In Jesus’ love to define your life, the value of family life increases. So be one who adds value. And embrace Oscar winning playwright, George Bernard Shaw’s, wise words, “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” Now be the first to add value to your family.