By:  Dr. James A. Perkins 

Family life can be negative like a nightmare or positively filled with pleasure. Wherever our households may fall between these two conditions, we can always dream of an even better family life.

Dreams for improving family life don’t begin with others changing but with you. Your own personal Improvement starts inside your heart. Reflect on what nestles inside you and use the following questions to help you dream:

1.  Who am I?

2.  Do I have a great self-image?

3.  Do I reject or accept myself?

4.  What steps should I take for personal improvement?

5.  Why would being a better me impact my family members?

6.  How can I love and serve my family?

7.  What do I dream for my family that empowers me to care for loved ones


In evaluating yourself, set goals to aid you in progressing in your own personal development.

As you change for the better, be assured you will have a positive effect on your family members. Whether they acknowledge it or not shouldn’t be your goal. Be sure of this:  The fact that they are impacted by your ongoing transformation serves as the stuff your dreams are made of.

Whatever you dream for your family, a better you empowers that your dream eventually will be reality.

A final word:  Talk to God about your dreams for yourself and loved ones. Prayer helps the dream become true.

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