By: Dr. James A. Perkins
We all know the ease of having a bad attitude, and how this faulty behavior may be displayed in our home life. Isn’t it strange that those we love the most are often the ones who see our most negative side?
Your family needs you to practice a good attitude in their presence. But even more, you can learn the discipline of growing and presenting a great attitude before your loved ones. Here are 3 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD ADJUST YOUR FAMILY ATTITUDE:
1. If you display a negative attitude, your negativity doesn’t help you or others in your household. No matter how family members might have failed you, your attitude is your responsibility. When your attitude spews poison, you release a negative spirit that harms the household.
2. A bad attitude exists ultimately because of a faulty heart. No, we aren’t talking about the physical organ inside, but the center of our being. Unless you address the heart problem that’s deep within you, your bad attitude will continue. When your heart changes for the best, your attitude makes home life sweeter.
3. You should realize the real truth: None of us possess enough strength within to improve our hearts sufficiently to really correct our bad attitude. In that light, what is the solution?
The answer is not self-improvement, but the radical power that Jesus can make in us. When Christ comes alive in a life, the heart is changed. The fruit of Jesus’ transforming the heart includes the strength for a person to improve their attitude. Christ’s Spirit in us can release His kindness, goodness, and self-control through us.
Jesus alone lives as the ultimate attitude Adjuster, and He can turn the most negative person into one who consistently displays a great attitude in life, no matter what might come our way.
So the question is, who wants and needs Jesus to adjust their attitude? 
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