By Dr. James A. Perkins
We tend to see family life from our own perspective. As a result we often think how we view it as the total truth. The fact is that every family member possesses a different angle and lives from that understanding.
To serve your loved ones better, learning how others see home life becomes helpful. We might not agree with it, but adjusting ourselves to how they look at the household aids in serving them. Below are 5 ideas that may elevate your capacity to see life from another’s point of view.
1.  Pay attention to how a family member talks and acts about daily situations that arise. Keep a mental record of whether they react to or speak of issues primarily in a positive or negative way.
2 Try to discover the answers to why a family member talks and acts either positively or negatively. Many times the outward reactions are not the root problem. They only materialize as surface responses by words and actions that mask the foundational challenges that dwell within them.
3. Know you can’t fix any family member, so you shouldn’t try. However to grow in sympathy toward loved ones is very important. Having sincere feelings of pity and sorrow for another helps a lot.
4.  Pray for the heart of Jesus to move you beyond sympathy and toward experiencing true empathy for family members. Such a response may not come often, but an occasional “putting yourself in another’s shoes” enlarges your love for them.
5.  Remember your loved ones see life the way they see it, not your own. However greater appreciation for the deeper reasons behind their responses may bind your family closer together.  
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