By Dr. James A. Perkins

At times, normal families face differences between members. Some are minor and can be fixed easily, while others are so severe that harmful choices are made.
Did you know that the way to restore broken relationships is the same in minor or major situations? The problem is not that right solutions can’t be found to resolve the differences, but that the right solutions are not accepted by all family members.
Here are 4 Ways To Restore Broken Family Relationships
1.  Forgive. Though the word is easy to say, the willingness to do it comes hard for some. This means you must be willing to let go of all anger and remove every speck of resentment that you have toward the offender.
2. Forget. Remove the memory of the incident from your life by clearing your mind, emotions, and will of all the issues that led to the conflict. From this point on, the matter must be viewed as if it never happened.
3. Face the Facts. Here is the truth: You can’t express forgiveness and forget differences sufficiently by relying on your human will. Yes, there are many that try, but at best our efforts are a pale representation of what true forgiveness and forgetting is all about. The reason that unsettled conflicts linger (though we may tell others that all is “forgiven and forgotten”) is because the efforts represent the best that we can bring forth. Our best is not enough, though it may look good, its not adequate. We must face and accept this truth as fact!
4.  Faith by Following God’s Way. Here is the ultimate way to resolve all conflicts, small or large, in family. We must place our faith in Jesus and ask that He would forgive others through us. We go to the offenders, take full responsibility for our own shortcomings, not depend on them to necessarily do the same, and then rely on Jesus’ forgiveness to be manifested through us.
Only Jesus can make the difference and bring perfect resolution inside us about small or large conflicts. The key is not to rely on our own strength but surrender ourselves to Him. When Jesus lives His life through us, then He forgives and forgets it all. He then frees us to sincerely, unconditionally love others no matter how they react.
Become one of the fortunate ones that stop allowing family differences to hang around anymore. 

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