HOW TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY RESOLUTIONS                                            
By Dr. James A. Perkins

Starting a new year and making resolutions are easy, but the truth is many of us don’t keep our promises. In fact, a study shows that only 8% of people ever do.

Making resolutions to family members may be especially problematic, because loved ones easily remember what you said. In fact, some may even remind you every now and then. Here are 4 Keys To Help Remind You Keep Your New-Year Family Resolutions:

1. Tape Your Family Resolution on the Mirror. When you rise in the morning and go to bed at night, hear the reminder call to you, saying, “You made a resolution, now honor your word.”

2. Place the Resolution on the Dash of Your Car. Buy the brightest colored, Post-It notes and place it on the car dash so you see and hear it say, “Go. Do what you promised.”

3. Tell Your Family to Remind You. This idea might get you to keep your resolutions to family in the quickest way possible. If you ask loved ones to remind you regularly about it, you will honor your pledge very soon.

4. Pray about the Power of a Promise. You’ve heard the statement, “Your word is your bond.” The Bible contains insight that affirms the idea. I have taken the liberty to add the words “and others” to the scriptural passage below. My prayer is that you see why your promise is important to God and others, especially your family. 

“When you tell God (and others) you’ll do something, do it—now. God (and others) take no pleasure in foolish gabble. Vow it, then do it. Far better not to vow in the first place than to vow and not pay up. Don’t let your mouth make a total sinner of you. When called to account, you won’t get by with ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean it.’” (Ecclesiastes 5:4-6, The Message Bible)

So pray for God to remind you to keep your new-year resolutions, particularly in your family. Go and keep your word, because this is a matter of integrity

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