A child can play outside for hours, but when he falls and gets hurt he runs to his mom or dad for help and comfort.  Isn’t that just the way we react to God sometimes?  When all is going well, we take for granted that he loves us and will always be there for us. Then, when the bottom falls out of our lives we run to God to ask the proverbial “Why me?” or exclaim, “Not now!” Or just “Fix this, God!”

All of us need to know that God is ready, willing, and able to answer our prayers and to provide us what we need to get though hard times in this world.  Life is full of “bottoms that fall out.”  As a Christian, we can know that the situations that happen to us are not by chance.  God allows things to come our way in order to draw us closer to Him.

Right now my son and his family are going through a horrible mess.  They found a big leak in a kitchen pipe and their entire kitchen has to be gutted.  It is a great inconvenience and a hassle to try to find the cheapest way to fix things. Home owners insurance will cover the cost of replacements and such, but that doesn’t fix the fact that they will be totally without a kitchen for while.  The stress in is the interruption of their day routines and that of their 4 children.

Life throws things like that our way constantly.  And we have a choice as to how we react.  1. We can kick and scream and blame whoever we think we can blame! We can fuss and fight or just pout.  Or  2. We can see life through God’s perspective, (which is my favorite definition of wisdom) and find out what He is wanting us to learn from our circumstances.

My life verse is Proverbs 3:5&6  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.  The most difficult part of that verse is in the middle “lean not unto your own understanding.”  All my life I was taught if you can understand it,  you can fix it!  But this verse basically says NOT to try to figure it out, just acknowledge that God is the one in control, and He’ll guide you to do what is right.  It’s a hard thing to do, to say that you can’t fix things, especially as a mother.  I mean, that’s our job, to fix things, right? But, guess what, we can’t fix everything! Once I get that in my head, I can relax and let God “direct my path.”

Next time you face a circumstance you weren’t expecting, try looking for what God is saying throughout the whole thing.  He just might surprise you with His answer.