The #1 Guaranteed Way To Solve Any Family Fight Between Members
 By Dr. James A. Perkins

Living in family includes times when one or more members don’t get along. Some households face such conflicts frequently, while a few do so in rare moments. However often, family fights come.

Want to know the #1 guaranteed way to solve any family fight between members?

Before the answer comes, please understand the solution has nothing to do with religion. Religion is a word that may be seen as attempting to live by certain rules and regulations. The idea conveys trying to keep some legal code and using behavioral modification. This method doesn’t work and will not last.

The other error people commit is to allow the quarrel to die down and pass over. When the tensions remain unresolved, this allows the conflict to rise again over a different topic. Though the issues may change, the fight will reappear down the road. This is because past conflicts have been left unresolved.

So are you ready to know the #1 guaranteed way to solve any family fight between members? The answer is . . . . . Jesus! Jesus never advocates keeping religious law to modify behaviors. Jesus never wants us to let the storm blow over and leave our quarrels unresolved. Jesus can remove the fight and bring peace.

How does Jesus AND only Jesus, solve family fights? The answer is wanting Jesus to love, sacrifice, forgive, and serve His life to others through us. We watch the fight go away by relying on Jesus to live His life through us.

When Jesus, the real Jesus, shows up in family fights, things change. For the one who relies on Him alone, 50% of the conflict disappears. You aren’t participating in the battle anymore. Though other loved ones may continue, the person who trusts Jesus has left the fight and rejoices in His peace.

To prove that Jesus is the #1 guaranteed way to solve any family fight between members, do this. Let Jesus come into your life and change you. The need to fight goes away, as you walk in His light of joy and peace.