By Dr. James A. Perkins

Here is a truth that you should take to heart: All people need praise, and expressing thanks and appreciation to loved ones makes a big difference in family life.
Many of us admit its easy to speak negative words to loved ones in the home. Because we understand this tendency, doing the opposite and praising another makes a surprising difference. 
The following are 3 reasons to give your family what they hunger for:

1. Those you praise need you to encourage them, even when they may show no response.   
2. When you speak a word of praise to a loved one, you will sense in your conscience that you did the right thing. So whether they thank you or not, show appreciation to them. 
3. Be sure God is pleased that you acted like Jesus and shared encouraging words to one you love.

Now whether family members react favorably to you or not about your uplifting comments, do it anyway. Speak praise and be confident it has a positive effect, even if it seems nothing happens. So don’t let how others react impact you, but realize you did a good deed.


In fact, praising is so important why not make this “Praise Your Family Week,” For the next seven days, take along a little honey and sweeten up your household. Give your family what they hunger for, then be confident that God above is happy with your efforts.

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