By Dr. James A. Perkins

Some people seem to lack passion for anything in life. They are laid back and face each day with little motivation to do much more than let the hours go by. These folk may feel like something’s missing but can’t find it. Then there are other people who do have passion and are motivated about either a person, place or thing. Such people are committed but eventually discover that their passion won’t bring lasting satisfaction. When they sense the void,  they go off to become passionate in the next possibility.
So how would you rate your life lived with passion? Here are 3 Insights to Find the Right Passion in Life.
1. Finding the right passion begins with discovering that you are made for more, much more than you can ever imagine. Yes, you exist to live the best life possible. The reason some lack passion is they gave up long ago looking for it. Yet hopefully, you want to know, because you are made to know.
2. Finding the right passion means that you have come to the conclusion that while you chased after lesser things, nothing made you happy enough. And this fact motivates you to keep looking for it, for you have an inner drive to want to live life to the fullest.
3.  When you find the passion you always wanted, that passion defines and directs your life, and gives you the best happiness possible. You are satisfied, excited, happy, and free, for you have embraced what and who you are made for.
Now learn that those who find the secret for the right passion live life happily ever after. And they enjoy the ultimate, ultimate in living life to the max. These people rejoice in their passion, in the one who has passion for them – Jesus, their passion.
So have you yet found your passion?

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