If you are feeling the blues about your current situation concerning finances, then consider country music singer Marty Stuart. He sang a song with these lines: “I paid the bank note, the car note, and yes, the phone bill too. Then I turned around and found that the house note’s due. Well, I’d love to take you out like I said I would, honey. But there’s too much month at the end of the money.” If you have ever felt this way, know you are in good company. Now consider the following insights:

    1. Contact Your Creditors

If your finances are tight in your marriage and family, don’t let your situation keep going from bad to worse. Immediately go to your creditors and inform them of your present state. Ask if you might work out a plan to reduce payments, until the financial pressure begins to improve. Also, inform your household that you are making a major decision. Follow what Dave Ramsey says about dealing with debt, “It takes some discipline and hard work in your marriage and family, but learn that relying on credit, when things go wrong, is a trap.”

     2. Get Creative

In your marriage and family, find creative ways to bring in additional income to your finances. Take on an extra part-time job, learn to make sacrifices and tighten the belt about unnecessary expenditures. Give up your pride and do what it takes to alleviate the stress of your lack of income. Marriage and family members would be wise to heed financial guide, Suze Orman, who says, “The way to build your savings is by spending less each month.” Though simple, this advice can change your situation for good.

    3. Pray for God’s Guidance

In your marriage and family, pray to God and ask Him to give you His perspective about handling marriage and family finances. Long ago the writer of Ecclesiastes 7:12, presented this uplifting perspective about wealth. He said, “Wisdom and money can get you almost anything, but only wisdom can save your life.” Why not invite your household to seek wisdom about money, and even more, invite Jesus to guide every aspect of your marriage and family, especially when your finances are tight.