By Dr. James A. Perkins

Life in family includes situations that may produce bad memories. Unless we address and remove these negative thoughts, our lives will be handicapped. Here are 4 essentials to remove these haunting memories for good:

1.    Really Forgive Those Who Hurt You. Partial or insincere forgiveness won’t help. You must be willing to forgive fully all the bad or sad things you remember.

2.    Really Let It Go. When you least expect them, bad memories try to raise their ugly heads. Your immediate response should be to refuse to go there again. Enough is enough. Reviewing past difficulties do you no good.

3.    Now Face The Fact That None Of Us Can Really Do 1. and 2. In Our Own Strength. Not only that but know that no so-called “higher power” can help remove our bad family memories. There is only one way, only one, that exists to erase the suffering of our hurtful yesterdays.

4.    Only Jesus Alive In Us Can Remove Past Pains. Jesus is not some higher power, some indifferent life force. Jesus is not one of several religions to rely on. Jesus is God – the One who came to earth to forgive us. Only He lives as the expert in forgiveness and letting it go. And only Jesus can transform you to become a new person, with a new mind and heart. Erasing bad memories depends on surrendering all your life to Him. 

Jesus gives us what is called the gospel, and the word means good news. The time has come. Enough is enough. Turn to Jesus and depend on Him to erase the bad news of family memories. Jesus alone can cause His good news to be your new life in Him. Now trust Christ to forgive through you. Trust Him to let it all go. Trust Him to have the mind of Christ. Trust Him and forgive family members and yourself.

From this moment forward, enjoy the abundant life of love and freedom that Jesus alone can bring to you. Welcome to a brand new family life.

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