3 Steps To Get Chaos Out Of Family Life
 By Dr. James A. Perkins
Many things contribute to  chaos in the home. Sometimes the environment might only be experiencing minor disorders like living in unclean rooms.
But in more extreme circumstances household activities may cause pandemonium. The worse case scenario happens when disagreements lead to heated arguments and eventually to anarchy. 
Here Are 3 Steps To Get Chaos Out Of Family Life.
1.  You Stop Being Chaotic. It’s easy to want to fix others, but you must begin with you. So stop allowing your life to slip out of control. First, admit you have a problem. Unless you take responsibility and see how you add to the tensions, nothing will ever change.
2.  Trust The Prince Of Peace To Be Your Peace. Here is a guarantee: Unless you realize the peace you want only comes from Jesus, you will never deal with the chaotic tendencies that you face. Humans are not wired to manage life by solely relying on self to correct what’s wrong. God made us so He would be allowed to takeover. He wants to run your life, so let Him.
            So what do you do?
a. Come to a personal relationship with Jesus. (If you don’t know how,
email me at [email protected] and I will share how to come to Christ.) b. If you claim to know Jesus, you must confess your sins and ask Jesus to forgive you. Then you must ask for the fruit of His Spirit to control you (See Galatians 5:22-23). When this is done, go to those you offended and admit any sins you committed against them. Man up and sincerely ask for forgiveness.  c. Never forget the cure from chaos is Christ Alone.
3. Live As A Person Of Peace In Your Family. Every home needs at least one person who knows Jesus in a personal way. If that’s you, the only one, then live as a person of peace. Almost everywhere Jesus went, chaos soon ensued. His unique purity bothered and confounded many. However, Christ always remained peacefully calm. By allowing the living Jesus to live His life in you, real peace flows from you.
So here’s how to proceed. Know peace. Show peace. Sow peace. Go in peace.