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10 05, 2019

3 Motivations to Stay on Course With Christ

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3 MOTIVATIONS TO STAY ON COURSE WITH CHRIST By Dr. James A. Perkins   How common it is to get off course in the Christian walk. Some start strong, motivated to be faithful in a zealous commitment to God. Then, things happen that cause a drifting away. In order to correct this tendency, here are 3 [...]

13 02, 2019

4 Ways to Remove Agitation in Marriage and Family Life

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4 WAYS TO REMOVE AGITATION IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE   We live in a world that brings pressures, demands, deadlines, and setbacks. For instance, stuck and waiting at a red light, while already ten minutes late for work. Yes, agitation exists as a part of life on earth. To find help, let’s consider 4 WAYS [...]

1 10, 2018

3 Words for Marriage and Family

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3 POWERFUL WORDS FOR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE I remember an election not long ago where people were saying "Words Matter."  Not sure who was saying this to whom, but I do remember thinking, "of course words matter, that's they way we communicate.  Who wouldn't believe that?" Today I want to talk about 3 very [...]

18 09, 2018

Four Personality Types

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4 INSIGHTS TO BETTER UNDERSTAND PERSONALITY TYPES IN FAMILY Family personalities are always challenging. One major reason for this is that every person sees life differently. This is a photo of four of our grandchildren.  Each one has a totally different personality type.  They need to be responded to in various ways.  Therefore, it’s helpful [...]

22 07, 2018


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​ 4 WAYS TO RESTORE WHAT’S BROKEN IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE. By Dr. James A Perkins ​ Many marriages and families include times when conflicts occur between loved ones, and this is normal in life Taking simple steps to make amends brings hope and healing. However, occasionally family members refuse to get things right, [...]

12 07, 2018

Trials and Troubles

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      4 GOOD DECISIONS FOR FAMILIES FACING TESTS, TRIALS, & TROUBLES By Dr.James A. Perkins Bad things happen to good people. You know that it’s impossible to live on this earth without going through times of pain and suffering. Here are 4 Good Decisions to Make for Families facing Tests, Trials, & Troubles. [...]