Simply stated, the vision of Family Priorities, Inc. is “Empowering Successful Marriages and Families.” Accomplishing this vital mission involves learning and applying key insights and practices designed to help you grow in your marriage and family. Imagine being a positive change agent, serving your loved ones.  FPI seeks to come alongside and assist you in being the best you can be in your home life by offering the following:



No matter what the current state of your household, imagine living life together where unconditional love daily defines your relationships. FPI provides encouragement by offering you teaching and training that has the potential to transform how you see yourself and your loved ones. And the starting point of enjoying a great marriage and family happens by knowing today (and everyday) is a new beginning. The past is gone, and we can’t change it. The future we may plan for, but we can’t control. However, living every moment in the present, with a heart of love and encouragement, provides the potential to exemplify a wholesome model before loved ones. You see, right now is the first step of the rest of your life. And a new journey begins by your willingness to trust God and commit to personal growth. Growing yourself not only changes your life, it makes a significant difference among your family members. As they see a better you, others are encouraged by your encouragement. So why not make a decision and allow encouragement to define you. Listen to what the late author, J.R.R. Tolkien, said about decisions. He wrote, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” FPI exists to encourage you to decide that building a great marriage and family life is the best use of your time.



Since all people come from family, let’s consider ourselves in a partnership. Our common denominator is that every household needs some level of support. Family Priorities, Inc. desires to partner with you in the journey of growing and succeeding in home life. In this partnership, we don’t want you to feel alone or frustrated without answers. We are here to serve you and to offer solutions that work.


Teaching and Training

We believe that the teaching and training provided by FPI contains instruction that leads to real change in marriage and family life. We are confident that as you experience personal growth, your model before loved ones displays a better you. And overtime, your healthy influence becomes the most powerful source of teaching and training.


Peaceable Revolution

Family Priorities, Inc., is about a peaceable revolution. In our day, many households struggle and appear to possess limited knowledge in how to build a great family. Because so many homes are failing, a peaceable revolution is essential. Rather than suffering in chaos, defeat, and frustration, FPI offers an optimistic approach to resurrect marriage and family life. Our goal is to serve you personally. However, eventually FPI seeks to establish an army of successful parents and children who want to create a movement to Save Our Families! Together we can minister life to others as FPI presents an empowering means to establish revolutionary households. We realize how critical it is to assist families in restoring sanity, order, and happiness in home life.


Please join us in “Empowering Successful Marriages and Families.”

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