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I am a mother of 3 grown children, and 3 children in laws. My husband is a pastor and the President of Family Priorities, Inc. I have 10 grandchildren. I previously worked for 25 years in the health care industry, mostly in the geriatric population. My passion is my Jesus, my family, and helping others to know Jesus and to know His plan for their lives.
5 09, 2018


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  3 POWERFUL WORDS TO IMPROVE YOUR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE What's in a Word? Every marriage and family encounters tension in home life. So, what is the present atmosphere in your household? On a scale of 1-10 (1 the lowest & 10 the highest), what represents your current home environment? Here are 3 Powerful [...]

24 08, 2018


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FULL OF STRESS? HOW TO TREAT A SET BACK AS A STEP UP IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE, TREAT A SET BACK AS A STEP UP. Have you ever felt like life is surrounding you with too much?  Too much stress, too much responsiblity, too much irritation, just too much stuff! Life occasionally brings a [...]

18 08, 2018

How to Handle the Stress of Life

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  A child can play outside for hours, but when he falls and gets hurt he runs to his mom or dad for help and comfort.  Isn't that just the way we react to God sometimes?  When all is going well, we take for granted that he loves us and will always be there for [...]

1 08, 2018

Put Your Family First

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  A BUSY FAMILY NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN AND FIND TIME FOR EACH OTHER. In our world, many pressures bombard us. The demands of daily go, go, go may drive us to be overwhelmed and reserve little time for family. This is a mistake! When marriage and family are positioned at fourth, fifth, and sixth [...]

19 07, 2018

Change Sad Days to Glad Days

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4 STEPS TO CHANGE SAD, BAD DAYS TO GLAD DAYS IN FAMILY BY Dr. James A. Perkins Though families wish it isn’t the case, sad and bad days occasionally come in home life. When they do, two options exist. On the one hand, we can bemoan and hate it. Or, we decide to make the [...]

12 07, 2018

Trials and Troubles

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      4 GOOD DECISIONS FOR FAMILIES FACING TESTS, TRIALS, & TROUBLES By Dr.James A. Perkins Bad things happen to good people. You know that it’s impossible to live on this earth without going through times of pain and suffering. Here are 4 Good Decisions to Make for Families facing Tests, Trials, & Troubles. [...]

7 07, 2018

3 Vital Needs for Family Life

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3 VITAL NEEDS EVERYONE YEARNS FOR IN FAMILY LIFE By Dr. James A. Perkins Life in family involves the best of times and the most challenging of times. Many positive realities are part of normal family living. However, the sad fact is, loved ones can become wounded by hurtful things we may say and do. [...]

3 07, 2018


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3 INSIGHTS ABOUT LIVING IN TRUE FAMILY FREEDOM By Dr. James A. Perkins Many families live tension-filled lives, yearning to find freedom. Some end up leaving home, thinking an escape to new things brings liberty. Others remain among family, yet continue to endure conflicted relationships. How can we live a liberated joy-filled life, regardless of [...]

27 06, 2018

3 Results of Forgiving and Forgetting in Marriage and Family

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    3 RESULTS OF FORGIVING AND FORGETTING IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY By Dr. James A. Perkins We’ve all heard the saying, “Wipe the slate clean.” Well, we need to understand that there’s no area where this is more vital than in home life. Removing hurtful things we say and do empowers healthy relationships among [...]

21 11, 2017


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3 WAYS FAMILIES CAN MAKE THANKSGIVING A DAILY WAY OF LIFE. Thanksgiving is more than food, fellowship, and football. The ultimate reality about the holiday is that we should celebrate it everyday. What would our marriage and family life look like, if each day we live by celebrating and giving thanks in all things. Here [...]