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1 04, 2020

The Surprising Value of the Corona Virus Epidemic

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THE SURPRISING VALUE OF THE CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC             Amid all the trying situations we endure in the days of the Coronavirus Epidemic, some valuable truths may be very helpful to those who are interested. Did you know that the Bible provides great insights in challenging times like these? Though we may come from different backgrounds and [...]

30 03, 2020


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BY DR. JAMES PERKINS CONFIDENCE AMID CHAOS            Time will historically note that March and April, 2020, set in motion an almost unbelievable situation - the world-wide, coronavirus epidemic. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html This virus has brought forth great trials and tribulations. Currently, thousands of people face feelings of fear and even confusion about the coronavirus epidemic. The daily [...]

14 12, 2019

This Christmas, Go Love a Scrooge

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THIS CHRISTMAS, GO LOVE A SCROOGE Every year we arrive at the special day called Christmas. For the most part, people are happy and full of joy to the world. Yet sadly, in every gathering there seems to be that one certain person who is negative and grumpy. You might treat this type of individual [...]

28 11, 2019

Beyond Thanksgiving, Christmas & The New Year

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BEYOND THANKSGIVING,  CHRISTMAS, & THE NEW YEAR  On your mark! Get set! Go! Yep, with the coming of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year the race is on. While the Holiday spirit excites the masses, we equally know the pressures in the seasonal rat race.  Gift-seeking and gift-getting dominate the days, as multitudes delight in [...]

6 11, 2019


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THE AWESOME POWER OF THANKSGIVING Each year multitudes of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. We pay homage to the brave Pilgrims who came to find religious freedom in this land. On this special Thursday, millions of Americans celebrate the miracle of our nation. Here are 3 major reasons why we ought [...]

14 09, 2019

Don’t Be Haunted by Past Fears

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DON’T BE HAUNTED BY PAST FEARS              Soon Halloween arrives, so now’s a good time to take a look at overcoming fear. Every human being recalls times and situations that might spook or haunt our souls. Here are 3 insights that help us overcome past, present, and future haunting fears.“   1.  Haunting fears may be [...]

8 09, 2019

Embracing Peace As Your Lifestyle

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EMBRACING PEACE AS YOUR LIFESTYLE  Deep inside, most of us are driven to seek and enjoy peace. Yet the fact is, while multitudes want it, millions struggle to find true rest for their souls. Here are 3 essentials each of us needs to embrace peace as our lifestyle. Embracing peace as your lifestyle begins by [...]

12 08, 2019

You ARE Someone’s Hero

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3 PROOFS YOU ARE SOMEONE’S HERO   On occasion, it is common that we may feel like we are not so important. We may get negative thoughts it in our heads and think we aren’t of much value. However, did you know that each of us lives as someone’s hero, even if we don’t know [...]

20 07, 2019


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4 KEYS TO ACHIEVING A BRAVE HEART Most of us know about the cowardly lion in the “Wizard of Oz.” The fearful lion lacked courage and lived full of fear. Regrettably, numbers of people struggle with various fears today. Here are 4 Key Essentials in Order to Gain and Grow a Brave Heart. 1.To gain [...]

5 07, 2019

3 Steps from Guilt to Glory

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3 STEPS FROM GUILT TO GLORY We, as humans living in a fallen world, know the reality of feeling guilty. The question we need to answer is, how do we remove guilt and find peace. Here are 3 steps in removing that guilty feeling and enjoying peace and freedom in life. You can apply this [...]