By: Dr. James A. Perkins 
No parent is perfect. All of us make mistakes that may potentially produce deep, heart wounds in our children. There are a few parents whose pride never allows them to restore their relationship with their kids. Then there are some moms and dads that may eventually correct things, but do so reluctantly.
Children ought not to wait for their parents to make things right. Wise sons and daughters should seek restoration, even when the parents won’t. The why is found in 7 Reasons To Get Right With Your Parents.
1.  You don’t know how long your parents will be here. Those who never get right with mom and dad will face a future of regret. So do right and love your parents while you can.
2.  You don’t know how much harm comes to yourself and others by refusing to get right with your parents.  Delaying forgiveness and restoration only makes the heart sour more. So help yourself by pardoning your parents.
3.  You don’t want to repeat the faulty ways your parents might reflect. Yes, moms and dads should lead by example, but some don’t. Have the bigger heart and make restitution.
4.  You owe it to yourself to enjoy a clear conscience. A guilty conscience brings condemnation, when wrong is done. So clear your conscience and be freed from personal wrongdoing. This will empower loving the unlovable.
5.  You should respect and honor your parents, for this is right. Maybe they didn’t respect or honor you, but let it go. Do the proper thing and esteem them.
6.  You need to leave a legacy of a better future for your own kids. Even though your parents may have failed to do it right, you can turn this to a positive effect. Commit to not do as your mom and dad did, but love your own kids. Admit your wrongs, & love your children.
7.  You need to know Jesus and His unconditional love. No amount of human effort can love without condition. But accepting Jesus in the heart empowers you to love your parents unconditionally.