7  ESSENTIALS  THAT  RAISE  THE  LEVEL  OF  RESPECT  IN  FAMILY                                                          By Dr. James A. Perkins
Many families know that in normal living respect may flow in and out of home life. Sometimes showing respect to others is practiced, and sometimes disrespect dominates. We all admit that it is hard to relate to any family member who treats the family in a disrespectful way.
No matter where other members fall on the respect scale, you should aim to be a model of respect. Your determination to do so will have a positive impact on your family. This is true, even when another may continue to live toward you in a negative way. Here are 7 Essentials That Raise The Level Of Respect In Family.

R– Relational: Be the kind of person that keeps on connecting and building relationships.
E – Encouraging: Be one that demonstrates an encouraging witness, no matter how resistant another may be.
S – Serving: Serve and let others see you do so with a sincere heart.
P – Patient: Be willing to receive a cantankerous family member without thinking you can change them. Let your loved one see your unique difference.  
E – Enduring. Be patient and persevere by loving the disrespectful member, and pray to win them by your compassion.  
C – Christlikeness. Imagine how Jesus lived among multitudes disrespecting Him. Think about what Christ did on the cross, even while those that trusted in the world mocked and cursed the Lord. Allow Jesus to be the only explanation for your life, no matter how another may respond.
T – Testimony of Truth: Be a truthful witness in what you say and do. Seek to be a witness for Christ and allow His Word to define your life.

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