By Dr. James A. Perkins

On the surface most people would claim they do give all their heart to their family. However, their lifestyle doesn’t always support the claim. How easy to pay lip service to prioritizing family, yet allow work, recreation, and other agendas to push family life to second place. To insure your walk matches your talk about commitment to family life, practice these 5 Ways To Give All Your Heart To Family.

H – Heal Hearts with Hope. Listen to the amazing insight of Reformation leader, Martin Luther. He wrote, “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” Each of us can be a hope builder in family by living lives with hope. When we do this, we actually are giving our heart to them.

E – Excite Hearts with Encouragement. Instead of waiting for family members to encourage you, why not take the lead. When you speak with the motive of encouraging another, you actually encourage yourself as well. So don’t wait, but excite the hearts of your family by being an encourager. 

A – Amaze Hearts with Acts of Kindness. When we take the initiative to do an act of kindness for a family member, the sacrifice gets the attention of the one you serve. Your selfless sacrifice for a loved one will result in a sense of amazement from them . Giving your heart like this is a reflection of amazing grace.

R – Reach Hearts with Respect. Though some households practice more disrespect than respect, being respectful really does influence the hearts of others. If you want to give more of your heart in family, then respecting every member is essential. And hopefully, your actions will raise the level of respect in the home.

T – Touch Hearts with Thanksgiving. Being sincerely thankful really has a way of getting the attention of loved ones. When parents and siblings witness your consistent efforts to be thankful, they are influenced for good. So tell your loved ones, “Thank you” and be authentic as you do. Your thanksgiving touches hearts.

Now go and demonstrate these 5 Ways To Give All Your Heart To Family. And as you do, begin to notice the change in others, as they see the change in your heart. You do your family a real service by unconditionally loving your closest neighbor (your family) as yourself!

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