5 Ways For Family To Grieve Successfully

60;                                    By Dr. James A. Perkins 

Sadly, my wife lost her 87 year-old mother this week. Though we want a troubled-free family life, suffering and death are inescapable. Here are 5 Ways For Family To Grieve Successfully, when facing sad times.

1.  Know the value of grieving. When suffering and death occur in family life, grieving is normal. Weeping and sadness are good and healthy responses.
2.  Know that excessive grieving needs to be controlled. When suffering and death come, finding closure includes weaning off of excessive sorrow. Grief is good and necessary. Grief that goes on-and-on over time may be harmful to our health.
3.  When grieving, allow God to be included in your life. The Lord permits suffering and death to take place in this fallen world. Some get angry with God about this and blame Him. Most of us feel confused about the Lord and His ways. We want to know why a loving God lets difficult and sad things happen to loved ones. Even though we may be baffled with the Lord, the wise turn to Him anyway. He is closer to us in our need than we can ever imagine on this earth.
4.  When grieving, learn how to respond to asking why. We all naturally want God to tell us why bad things happen. Accept the truth that He hardly ever gives us even a small glimpse of an answer. The Lord allows suffering and death to come as a mystery. One day we’ll understand, but not now.
5.  When grieving, realize that Jesus perfectly understands. We ask why, and God the Father points to His Son. He reveals that Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross means that He fully comprehends how we feel. If we turn to Jesus and ask Him to help us through our suffering and loss, He will surely come to our aid. Christ demonstrated how much He loves us by taking on human agony and death in Himself. We can be sure that He fully identifies with everything we go through. 
Remember sorrow may come for a night, but joy surely comes in the morning.