By Dr. James A Perkins

Life isn’t always fair, kind, and positive. Though we don’t like it, bad things do come our way. One minute we may be naïvely thinking all is well, then without expecting trouble, life gives us lemons. So if you want to successfully navigate though unexpected failures, consider 5 STEPS TO TURN YOUR LEMONS INTO LEMONADE.

S – See Lemons as an Invitations to Slow Down. Yes, lemons are tough situations we encounter that surprise us and make us feel like our world spins out of control. Yet one valuable reality is it may be seen as an invitation to slow down, take a deep breath, refuse to freak out, and spend time reflecting.

H – Humble your Heart, Head, and Hands. Slowing down includes the sense that you have been humbled by the occurrence. So take advantage of the situation by relaxing your heart, head, and hands. It’s okay for your feelings, thoughts, and work to take a break. By doing so, you better position yourself to learn lessons about what caused the breakdown.

I – Inspire Yourself Inside. You should resist the tendency to focus on your lemons and seek to discover what went well amid all the wrong. By focusing more on what was right, you gain inspiration that may lead to problem solving.

F – Fearlessly Face Your Challenges. Now here’s a secret that can really benefit you: Realize that God allow lemons to come in order to get our attention. In fact, slowing down, humility, and inspiration all have a divine design. The Lord wants to guide you to overcome your fears by faith, so He has pemitted failures in order to change us and move us to trust Him. In this way lemons exist as divine opportunities that position us to watch Jesus come alongside, help solve problems, and teach us to fearlessly face turning our lemons into lemonade.

T – Triumph by Trusting God. Yes, bad things happen to good people, yet God is an expert in assisting those who trust Him to ultimately triumphant. He is the One who allowed the problem to aid you in turning your lemons to lemonade.

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