By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Life in the world moves very quickly. This is why we should be sensitive not to allow the urgent things to keep us from the really important things. Family represents one of the most important aspects of life and ought to be a high priority. Yet the urgent things may blind us and keep us from treating family members as important. How easy to get so busy in other responsibilities that we neglect our home relationships.

Here are 5 reasons that can motivate us to never be too busy for family.

Reason #1:  We never know, when we might lose a loved one. No one knows the day or the hour a family member might pass away. We shouldn’t make assumptions that cause us to neglect loved ones. We need to avoid future regret about not caring when we could. This ought to motivate us.

Reason #2:  We ought not take for granted our family relationships, even if they live many more years. We can’t regain a day once it’s gone, so we should make every moment count. A great idea is regularly to schedule appointment time with family members. This idea helps us to keep our motivation on track.

Reason #3:  We need to understand that real love for family needs to be fertilized often. Anyone can say they love their family members, but how many really practice it? If we really love our family, we need to treat loved ones like a special garden. Be motivated to give each one special, tender-loving care.

Reason #4:  We should recognize the value of a clear conscience in regards to loving each family member. If we want our lives to run best, we must have a clear conscience with every loved one. Take the time to check your status with each family member. If there exists relational matters that remain conflicted, go quickly and humble yourself before the one concerned. As much as possible, be sure to mend hearts. Having a clear conscience empowers motivation for family.

Reason #5:  If we claim to love God, then we must love our family members. The Bible presents this truth:  “For the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen” (1 John 4:20b).  Real love for Jesus can be validated by real loved for each family member. Jesus’ love motivates us to love like He loves.