5  PATHS  TO  ENJOY  PEACE  IN  THE  STORM                     By Dr. James A. Perkins
Ever thought you were having a great day, then out of no where everything went south. Maybe a family member blew up at you, or your boss disliked your work on the job, or a close friend said ugly things about you. Whatever. One minute there was peace, and the next a storm raged inside of you. 
You may find help by considering these 5 PATHS TO ENJOY PEACE IN THE S.T.O.R.M.
S – Seek to be Still. Find a quiet place and get alone, then allow the stillness to start to calm you down. Let the tranquility bathe you and replace the inner tension.
T – Take Time to Think. Answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how your peace left you. Thinking about what brought you to this point can adjust your perspective.
O – Open your Heart to the Prince of Peace by turning to the One who is our peace.  His presence impacts our heart. Open your heart and seek Him.
R – Receive and Rest. Here is an amazing truth: Jesus lives and isn’t silent. So right now receive by faith that His peace is yours. Pray and enter into Christ’s rest and allow calm confidence and genuine joy to be found in Him. Though the storm may continue without, inside we claim the restful shelter of the Lord.
M – Make a Joyful Noise and Move On. Celebrate His peace by faith, and joyfully tell the Lord that you intend to walk in peace. Then rise up and move on to face the world. Don’t allow any outer threats of a storm to dictate your day, but live and enjoy His perfect peace that passes all understanding.

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