Every year we arrive at the special day called Christmas. For the most part, people are happy and full of joy to the world. Yet sadly, in every gathering there seems to be that one certain person who is negative and grumpy. You might treat this type of individual as one you try to avoid.  Here is your challenge this Christmas. Instead of avoiding the grouch, go and do all you can to be kind and loving to that “scrooge.” Here are 3 ways you may accomplish this mission.

  1. Go and love a “scrooge”, for it will make you a better person. 

    Everyone knows how we might try and avoid a griping, complaining, and grumbling individual. However this Christmas, go and seek out that “scrooge” you often avoid, and act authentically joyful before that person. Even if the individual continues to be negative, go and be kind anyway.  Be sympathetic like Scrooge’s nephew who said. “I am sorry for Scrooge. I couldn’t be angry with him if I tried.”

  2. Go and love a “scrooge,” for you have little idea how deeply hurt and mistreated that person might be. 

    Many of us don’t realize how said and lonely some people are. While smiling on the outside, numbers might be sad and lonely on the inside. Why not make it your mission to love and encourage that hurting individual as much as they allow? Use encouraging words like:  Don’t give up, keep pushing. Keep fighting. Stay strong. Never give up. Come on. You can do it!.

  3. Go and love a “scrooge,” for deep inside every person’s heart, there lives a hurting Ebenezer that longs to come alive, be happy, and live a joy-filled life. 

    The Good News is that Jesus Christ came to earth to bring joy to the world. When we surrender ourselves to Him, and allow God to direct our lives, the Lord provides the way to make even the hardest times to eventually be changed for good. Now realize what Jesus offers all of us this Christmas and forever.

            “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever-lasting life.” 

          Friend, this is the greatest Christmas gift you can ever receive in this life and the next. So, go love a “scrooge” and radiate the love and victory that Christ alone can give you now and forever.  Both you and your “scrooge” will be all the better for it!