We, as humans living in a fallen world, know the reality of feeling guilty. The question we need to answer is, how do we remove guilt and find peace. Here are 3 steps in removing that guilty feeling and enjoying peace and freedom in life. You can apply this to your immediate family and to other acquaintances.


  1. Determine to shift from guilt to glory by identifying the reason for feeling the guilt.

    Seek and learn the source of it. Guilt is an internal signal that reminds us something within is emotionally skewed. We must remove that guilt and restore true freedom within. Do what Albert Einstein said: “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” So, commit to solving your problem of guilt by identifying and removing it. Clearing your conscience will bring you newfound freedom.


  1. Determine to shift from guilt to glory by recognizing your wrongs.

    People everywhere know what it’s like to feel guilty, yet how many allow the thing to linger inside too long? By ignoring it over time, guilt may appear to subside, but deep inside unresolved guilt remains and festers. By not doing right, we empower inner wrong. So think long and hard about what French writer Voltaire wrote, “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” Why not list all the good you failed to do and also those things you now know were wrong. This eye-opening exercise will help shift you from guilt to glory.


  1. Determine to shift from guilt to glory by humbling yourself before God and those you offended. This is the most important step.Humility is a great virtue. However, false humility is void of value; it’s insincere. Therefore, honestly ask forgiveness from those you have offended, and from God. You can shift from guilt to glory by realizing God will always forgive you. Others may have a hard time, but once you have cleared your conscience, you can rest in God’s forgiveness. Enjoying a guilt free life is liberating! Heed the wise insight of the late Billy Graham who said, “Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent.” So move from guilt to enjoying God’s glory by confession, and accepting God’s grace and forgiveness.

Once you have made your list from step 2 and asked for forgiveness, tear it up and throw it away.  That’s exactly what God has done for you! You don’t have to worry over it anymore! Rejoice that you are forgiven and can walk in glory!