The late wealthy millionaire, W. Clement Stone, summed up the essence of real thanksgiving, when He wrote, “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”  So here’s a question that we should ask, “What do you intend to share this Thanksgiving? Beyond the food, fun, fellowship, and football games how will others see you?

To enjoy the best Thanksgiving Day ever, consider the following 4 questions.


  1. What do you plan to “bring to the table?”  

    Now set aside all the multitudes of answers you may think of, and focus on you, yourself. What will you bring from your inner self before others?  Will you be kind or grumpy? Will you be friendly or egotistical?  When family and friends gather at the table, will others be thankful you are present, or will they seek to find reasons to avoid you.


  1. Whatever you bring to the table impacts how others see you. 

    Admit it. Unless you are among total strangers, your reputation proceeds you. Other family members and acquaintances have already decided what kind of person you are. Will they view you as pleasant, kind, friendly, engaging? Or will they feel like they need to avoid you? Wouldn’t this be great in advance to determine that this Thanksgiving you plan to expose yourself as the friendly, courteous, kind, and engaging person that others like to be around. Thanksgiving offers us the chance to show ourselves, as the good persons we think ourselves to be.


  1. So this Thanksgiving, spread the cheer and joy with others.

    We really can’t bring to the table something we don’t have.  But if Christ is living in you, you can draw on His power to be kind, sacrificial, compassionate and loving. Let family members, friends, and new acquaintances see Jesus in you. Show them the love of Christ as you allow Him to live through you. Win their hearts by reflecting genuine humility and joyfulness as you display His love to them.


Follow the advice of American author J. A. Shedd who wrote, “He who thanks but with the lips Thanks but in part; The full, the true Thanksgiving comes from the heart.”

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