By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Living in family requires courage. We feel happy, when family life works well. However sometimes challenges in the home make us discouraged.  We may become dismayed, fainthearted, and even hopeless. Consider:
4 Ways To Find Encouragement, When Discouragement Comes In Family:
1.  Be careful about the “blues.” We all know times come in family, when that discouraging feeling comes. Accept that the blues are a normal part in life, and should soon pass. When it does pass, be encouraging and lift up family members. 
2.  Evaluate your personal life with family. Take the time to think through what robs you from being encouraged. Examine any shortcomings in your own life, and how you respond to your family. Take full responsibility to address and correct them. Clear your conscience, then seek to encourage your family.
3.  Forgive family members who bother you. Often discouragement occurs, because we need to forgive those we love. Humble yourself before loved ones and seek forgiveness. 
4. Encouragement replaces discouragement when we find our acceptance in Jesus.  How easy to expect a great deal from our family members, but little from Jesus. Realize that when we find our acceptance in Christ, we can be encouraged by His love for us. Jesus’ encouragement empowers us to encourage and accept our family.