By: Dr. James Perkins

Being a hopegiver to your family requires a healthy confidence and a strong faith. When family members  become hopeless in life situations, a hopegiver offers positive solutions to negative experiences. They mount up with hope and stand strong for others who encounter trials. They know loved ones may worry and give up, so hopegivers minster in light against the darkness of night.

Here are 4 Ways to Be A Hopegiver In Your Family:

H – A HEALER.  Hopegivers bring healing to hurting family members. They care for troubled souls and seek cures to relieve their pain.

O – AN OVERCOMER. Because family members may lose heart, hopegivers cheerlead faith and believe in victory. They live to win against the odds and desire to lift up the morale in the home.   

P – A PEACEMAKER. Every day includes challenges in households that often rob loved ones of peace. Hopegivers rise as peacemakers urging family members to embrace God’s peace that passes all understanding.

E – AN ENCOURAGER.  Many things have the potential of discouraging family members. Hopegivers reach out to those who are downcast. They point others to Jesus who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.

Why not consider being a hopegiver to your family?

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