By: Dr. James A. Perkins 
Most claim that fathers are the head of family households, but the idea comes with challenges. Some dads surrender their headship by apathy and laziness. While some fathers hurt their loved ones by anger and abuse. These extremes cause failure in family.
When dad lives too weak or too overbearing, then a mother may try to become the head of the house. Though noble, this often falls short. Then again, children can rise up in rebellion against their father and strive to act like they run the home. This is chaos and leads to downfall.
What is the solution? Here is a sure-fire way to solve the dilemma:  Accept that the head of your household is God the Father. Below are 4 reasons why depending on God the Father empowers success in family.
1.  God the Father is the Creator of family life. By seeking Him to be the household head, He brings His divine expertise to work in the home.
2.  God the Father is love, so reliance on Him to run the house means love defines life among family members.
3.  God the Father created us for Himself. We are made by God and for God. When we trust that our Father knows best, He brings His solutions to improve life in family.
4.  God the Father sent His Son Jesus to rescue us from our prideful selves. Our Father empowers Jesus to come alive in our lives. Those that receive Him by faith find that His supernatural presence makes the difference in family relationships.
These 4 ways show how God the Father transforms a home. By allowing the Lord to be the head of your household, He empowers His success to define your family’s living.
For The Curious:  John 4:23