By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Having high expectations about family members can be a major problem in life. We expect our loved ones to love us, to understand us, to encourage us, to help us. When they don’t meet our expectations, we can quickly get hurt, or be angry, feel rejected, or discouraged.

Here are 4 Ways Not To Let Your Family Get You Down:

1. Stop believing that family members see life like you do. We can get frustrated, when we see things one way and loved ones another. Did you know 4 people can witness a traffic accident, and each describe it differently? So accept that it’s okay for your loved ones to have different opinions from your own. 

2. Stop getting hurt so easily, when family members respond to you in ways you didn’t expect. Some of us wear our feelings on our shoulders. We need to be more attentive to how emotions may rule our perspectives. So learn not to be so quick to react.

3. Develop the habit of being positive to loved ones, even when they act negatively toward you. The best way not to let family members get you down is by becoming more of a positive person. If others don’t respond in a loving and kind way, determine to react with love and kindness to them.

4. We are less prone to let family members get us down when we find our acceptance in Jesus. Many expect a great deal from family members, but little from Jesus. However, when we find our acceptance in Christ, He gives us the power to overcome family hurts. Here are 4 important truths:
– God is alive.
– Jesus Christ is God.
– Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with you.
– Know only Jesus perfectly loves and accepts you.

When we give our expectations to God, He helps to us not to  let our family get us down.