Marriage involves a man and woman in the most intimate of relationships, and this requires each to learn how to get along. One action that can happen pertains to how a husband may frustrate his wife, either in ignorance or deliberately. A husband who frustrates his wife brings problems into the marriage that can make her embittered toward him. Since every married man needs to be wise, finding out what might frustrate your wife is valuable.This blog, 4 Ways a Husband May Frustrate His Wife, may awaken any man to correct his error.
1. A Husband Frustrates His Wife by Making Plans without Telling His Wife in Advance. Men, this is a big no-no. If you want to live in peace, then always clearly communicate to your wife what you are planning and include her in making the plans. It’s a wise man who works together with his wife.
2. A Husband Frustrates His Wife by Promising to Do Something and Not Doing it. Men, this is like a death knell, for your negligence brings about a feeling of loss in the marriage. Your wife might not show it outwardly, but such an act really hurts her. So be sensitive and do what you promised.
3. A Husband Frustrates His Wife by Making Excuses about Attending His Children’s events. Men, we can often be really dumb! Since every male tends to make his work a chief priority, he may find reasons not to be there for his kids events. And whenever a man does this, the wife feels hurt and inwardly angry.
Dad, you soon will turn around and your baby will be grown up and married with children. So don’t waste your life by valuing lesser things like work. Love your wife and kids by being there for them.
4. A Husband Frustrates His Wife by not Paying Attention to Her, When She Talks. Men, this is a stupid and selfish failure. Your wife desires for you to hear her, and when you fail to pay attention, she believes you lack the capacity to love her right. Surely, no wise husband wants to do this to his wife. So husband, love your wife by listening to her with your eyes, ears, and heart.
Now husband, didn’t you marry the woman of your dreams? So since you did, don’t turn marriage into a nightmare. Instead make your real dream come true to her. Stop frustrating your wife and she will love you for it.