By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Sometimes our family members can make us feel the blues. Maybe we were hurt intentionally or maybe by accident. Maybe our loved ones didn’t do anything at all to us, but we drifted into our own sadness, discouragement, or depresion.  
Here are 4 Things To Do, When Your Family Makes You Blue:
1. Find a way to get your mind off negative feelings. Take a break and unwind. Get involved in an activity that keeps you distracted. Go for a walk and “take time to smell the roses.” Do anything to offset sadness with a positive attitude.
2. See that remaining in a pity party ultimately is a selfish act. When we feel the blues, we should beware of the danger of staying in that mood. Lingering in prolonged sadness may ease into being centered on self. This compounds negative emotions. 
3.  If one or more family members made you feel blue, forgive them ASAP. Failure to pardon another allows sin to emerge. Forgiveness means overlooking the unkindness of others by pardoning the offender. 
4.  Find comfort in the only One who loves you unconditionally. Jesus faced the temptations of feeling sad, discouraged, or depressed. Yet when He sensed the pull of giving into such emotions, He never did. Rather than falling prey to negative tendencies, Jesus depended on His Father who loved Him unconditionally.
We should follow Jesus’ way. Overcoming the blues comes by embracing good news. Believing Jesus loves us unconditionally causes the blues to go away.  

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