By Dr. James Perkins
Since children are our greatest resource, we should treat them as highly valuable. In our day, kids desire the same thing children have wanted in every generation. A child really does long to be with their dad or mom, their grandfather or grandmother. So you might find the following helpful, as we offer 4 Sure-Fire Ways To Help Your Child Feel Special.
1. In Advance, Tell The Child You Want To Do Something Special With Them. By announcing this several days before the opportunity, a kid gets excited about what will soon happen.
2. In Advance, Ask The Child Where They Want To Go. Allow them to decide, and be prepared if their suggestion is too costly. The goal is not about spending a lot of money but finding fun ways to be together. So be ready to gently and lovingly “adjust their sails.”
3. Plan To Do Something Special With The 2 Of You Alone. When you go together without anyone else, the child receives your special attention. And every child loves this.
4. Pay Attention To What Going On A “Special” Can Do. The amazing benefit of the 2 of you doing something together is the bonding and strengthening of your relationship with each other. Both of you grow into a stronger love for each other.
Well, you have heard about 4 sure-fire ways to help your child feel special. Now all that’s necessary is for you to just do it. Every day a child waits to receive your personal attention. When you show your child you are excited about being with him, he senses your excitement. One way to accomplish this is by arranging a special time to enjoy fun things together. And allow the insight of the late author Bruce Burton to guide you. He said it best, “If you can give your child only one gift, let it be enthusiasm.”
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