By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Family life requires ongoing, tender care to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Without that focus, relationships may deteriorate.

Every family member ought to add value in the home but who decides to take the lead? Rather than waiting for other loved ones to make matters better, why not personally volunteer to do your part?

Become a household hero by rising up and positively empowering your family. Show others how much you care by these 4 Sure-Fire Practices To Improve Family Life.

1.  Forgive More. How easy to take up an offense and keep it. Clinging to bitterness only brings harm to the household. But if you are quick to forgive when offended, you make an impression on others. More forgiveness improves family life.

2.  Encourage More. How common for daily issues to bring discouragement to family members. However, when you offer good cheer, others might be happier about their situation. More encouragement improves family life.

3.  Love More. How typical for love to wane in a home. But if you become a champion of love, your reputation will soon be known as a compassionate person. More love improves family life.

4.  Serve More. How normal for self-centeredness to define life in a house. However, if you sacrificially serve your family members, others will, overtime, be thankful. How you care will eventually have a major impact on them. More serving improves family life.

So by consistently doing these 4 sure-fire practices, you will improve your family life.