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By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Living with family members includes the possibility of finding yourself at odds with others. Disagreements and conflicts may emerge that cause walls to rise between you and others.  

You might not have any capacity to influence others to decide on removing the barriers. However you can personally set out dismantling walls that you helped to build. 

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should Take Down The Walls In Your family.

1.  Reason #1:  You don’t want to continue living with the guilt that keeps rising in your conscience. Leaving the wall up allows unresolved guilt to increase. More guilt breeds more bitterness, and you need to do the right thing and begin to take down the walls.

2. Reason #2: You do want to discover the freedom inside, as you resolve the differences between you and others. Something great happens by doing the right thing, so set about removing the wall you erected.

3.  Reason #3:  You do want to take the big step and humble yourself before those you offended. Be sincere, take full responsibility for your sins, and communicate that you realize you sinned against God and them.

4.  Reason #4:  You do want to experience the liberating joy that emerges inside because you honored God. By reflecting the spirit of Jesus’ love and kindness, you help others see Christ in you. Such a witness is priceless, even when they might not return the favor to you.

Do the right thing and take down the walls in your family.

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