By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

Homes may be inundated with negative influences that seems unloving and hurt the family. To improve life in the household, be pro-active and increase your demonstrations of authentic love.

We may counter unloving negativity by practicing the positive power that sincere love brings.

Consider these 4 practices:

1. Let family members KNOW how much you love them. Tell them daily in word and deed.

2. SHOW family members how much you love them. Do something special in their behalf.

3. SOW more love into family members’ lives. View them as a garden that you treat with tender loving care.

4. GO the extra mile for family members, making sacrifices that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Realize that to KNOW, SHOW, SOW, and GO in love for family requires a special kind of love. No one in their own strength has it.

Only unconditional love can sufficiently meet the real needs of others. This love belongs to Jesus. God is love, and you can KNOW Him, SHOW Him, SOW Him, and GO in His name. This begins by asking Jesus to come into your heart.

Watch how Jesus love, revealed in you, can bring significant positive change in your family.

For the curious; 1 John 4:7-8.