4 Practices Needed To Help You Encourage Your Family
                                           By Dr. James A. Perkins
Discouragement has a way of seeping into family life. In order to counter the negativity that comes with discouragement, ongoing encouragement is a necessity. Providing the positive benefits of encouragement to loved ones is empowered by the following:
4 Practices Needed To Help You Encourage Your Family.
Practice 1: Learn to talk to loved ones using hope-filled words with uplifting tones. This requires you to commit to the discipline of reducing negative and unwholesome attitudes found in yourself and staying positive.
Practice 2:  Commit to developing the discipline of doing acts of kindness to family members. As you sacrifice and serve others, they will sense how much you really care. The result releases a spirit of encouragement that the family notices and appreciates.
Practice 3:  Be consistent in encouraging family members, by constantly encouraging yourself. Like a car needs gas to run, so you must stick to a plan to keep encouraging your heart regularly. To love and encourage others in the home depends on finding a way to fill up your own encouragement tank.
Practice 4: Realize that the best way to encourage yourself depends on enjoying a personal relationship with Jesus. He is the source of all encouragement. King David was a man after God’s own heart. He learned how to encourage himself in the Lord his God (See 1 Samuel 30:6).
To maintain the above 4 practices needed to help you encourage your family, major on paying special attention to the 4th idea. Jesus alone can give you the courage to be strong and faithful to encourage family members.
Know this. Without Jesus as your source, you will quickly run out of steam. Your capacity to encourage will dwindle and soon discouragement will drift back into your home. So trust in Christ, for He is your source. Only He has the power to develop you into the loving encourager you want to be for your family.