By: Dr. James A. Perkins 

New Years arrives and millions celebrate with shouts of “Happy New Year.” Multitudes make resolutions, hoping that their dreams will truly come true. Though people desire the best new year ever, few know how to obtain it. Below you will find 4 Insights To Enjoy The Best Year Ever:
INSIGHT #1:  Accept That Real Happiness Can Be Yours. We seek for happiness in persons, places, and things. However the happiness we want often falls short. Enjoying real happiness and the best year ever depends on one source. 
INSIGHT #2:  Accept That Real Peace Can Be Yours. Everywhere people cry “Peace. Peace.” but most don’t have the peace desired. To enjoy real peace and the best year ever depends on one source.
INSIGHT #3:  Accept That Real Love Can Be Yours. On New Year’s Eve some seek for love but only find lust. How easy to look for love in all the wrong places. Enjoying real love and the best year ever depends on one source.
INSIGHT #4: Accept The Real Solution In The New Year Resolution. Real happiness, peace, and love flow from one source – Jesus. Only by accepting Jesus in a personal relationship can we enjoy the best year ever. Why not ask Jesus to give you a new heart filled with His happiness, peace, and love?

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