4  IDENTITY  TRAITS  THAT  IMPACT  FAMILY  LIFE                                                                         BY DR. JAMES A. PERKINS
Each family is made up of individuals, and every individual is unique. Though similarities do exist in family, members enter the world with their own way of seeing and doing life.
Knowing the major individuality types may help us understand other loved ones and improve living life together. Consider these 4 Identity Traits That Impact Family Life:
1.  A People Person. One who tends to be more relational and enjoy being with others.
2. A Person of Detail.  One who tends to be more attentive to detail and keeping things in order. Sometimes they are more studious and enjoy quiet time alone. 
3. A Person That Stands Strong. One who tends to see things as either right or wrong, yes or no, true or false. They often want to to lead and embrace convictions. 
4. A Laid-Back Person. One who tends to approach the world in an easy-going, relaxed style in dealing with matters.
How do knowing these 4 traits, help in family life? When you look at your loved ones, know that most don’t see life like you do. They view the world from their own unique style. When you realize it is normal for others to think, see, and do differently than you, then everything may shift in your perspective.
You more readily accept members’ differences when you understand their individuality traits. This allows you to get along better and appreciate them for who they are.
So give each family member a break and respect they are wired with unique, individuality traits that may be different from your own.
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