By Dr. James Perkins

I know all of us want a happy and positive life. And this is especially desired in marriage and family. But the fact is, we do encounter people and things that tend to make us react negatively. Yet we need to learn to stay positive and optomistic.

It is important to accept that negativity is natural in this fallen world, because problems are real and uplifting solutions may be hard to come by. How easy to focus on the dark side instead of looking on the bright side. 

So let’s Learn 3 Ways to Stay Positive and fight Off Negativity. Here’s how:

1. Create an Intentional Growth Plan. We can’t control other people and situations, but we can govern our personal lives. A primary way to stop allowing negativity to get to us is by growing ourselves. To do this you must decide to be intentional, proactive, and diligent. Here are suggested plans for growth:
a. Daily plan to influence yourself positively by reading uplifting books.
b. Or daily go to the Internet and find free materials or messages about it.
c. Daily hang around people who are positive and encouraging.
d. Daily develop the habit to respond to negative influencers in an uplifting way.

2. Read the Bible Expecting God’s Presence. We need to learn how practical and powerful the Bible really is. It is the most positive-building guide in the world. I can say that I had to learn how God’s Word, consistently read, changed my outlook. Yet let me warn you: Don’t expect instant gratification. Regardless of whether we “feel” things are changing or not, the Scripture should be read and pondered. So keep on reading it, even if you don’t understand everything. Keep on reading and soon the positive impact of God’s Truth will touch your heart. You will find that the Bible can empower us to overcome the spirit of negativity.

3. Walk and Pray, Focused on Making Much of Jesus Only. I learned over years of experimentation about the vital necessity of going for a walk to talk with Christ. I didn’t ask Him about meeting my needs, but only praised and glorified Him alone. Eventually I discovered that boasting in Jesus, bragging on Jesus, and delighting in Jesus made the difference. In His time He “shows up” and encourages us.
So if you want to grow, learn to be positive and not negative. And be sure that God is your help by memorizing the positive about Him found in Psalm 16:11:

“In Your presence is fullest of joy, in Your right hand are pleasures forever.”

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